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662 “Fill in the Blanks” Winning Headlines That'll Make You Stand Out Every Time

Why so many? Because your headline is the most important element of your marketing message, as it’s the first thing your prospects read — so it MUST be intriguing enough to make them read on. With this massive headline template collection, you’ll never be short of winning headlines to grab your prospects by the eyeballs!

478 “Fill in the Blanks” Winning Email Subject Lines to Boost Your Email Open Rate

Your email subject line is like the headline of your email. If your email subject lines fail to make your prospects open your emails, then it doesn’t matter what you’re offering in your emails. These 478 powerful proven email subject lines will help you boost your open rates and sales conversions like never before!

17 “Fill in the Blanks” Winning Facebook™ Ad Templates to Help You Win More Leads & Sales

Writing your Facebook™ ads from scratch every time can be time-consuming and frustrating. With our 17 versatile winning Facebook™ ad templates (short-form, long-form, direct response, storytelling), you can craft powerful response-pulling ads to enjoy maximum ROI!

“Fill in the Blanks” Long-form Sales Page Template to Educate, Nurture & Close Your Prospects

Writing a long-form sales page can take a ton of time and effort. Use our versatile “fill in the blanks” template complete with the proven winning structure and persuasion elements plus a full example for your reference to craft your own compelling sales page!

7 “Fill in the Blanks” Seinfeld Email Follow-ups to Build Relationship & Boost Your Sales

The real money is in the follow-up. So use our “fill in the blanks” 7-day email follow-up templates and repurpose them for your own business to add value to your subscribers and customers so you can get them to buy from you again and again!

39 “Fill in the Blanks” Sales-pulling Ecommerce Email Templates to Maximize Your ROAS

Why struggle to break even with just paid ads every time? Maximize your ROAS and boost your sales for FREE all year long with our powerful collection of 39 sales-pulling “fill in the blanks” eCommerce email templates to generate more sales for your eCommerce store!

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What You’ll Learn In This Hyper-Actionable Training:


How to Craft Your Very Own Irresistible Offer

You’ll learn how to craft an offer so good (and different) that your target customers simply cannot refuse. No more wasting your ad dollars on boring “me too” or “we’re the best” offers that most people would ignore!

Craft Your Unique Big Marketing Idea

You’ll learn the 7 powerful elements to craft your intriguing “Big Marketing Idea” and use it to produce magnetic marketing messages (incl. an analysis of a wildly successful big marketing idea selling something common and unsexy)

Craft Intriguing Headlines to Grab Attention Instantly

You’ll learn the proven structures and elements you can use to craft intriguing headlines, so you can stand out in the overcrowded online marketplace and win your target audience’s undivided attention instantly every time!

Craft Compelling Bullet Points at Record Speed

You’ll learn the fastest and most effective way to write compelling and interesting bullet points that’ll get your prospects excited, position you as the industry expert, and can’t wait to take up your offers right away

Craft Authentic & Highly Persuasive Facebook Ads

You’ll learn the simple and powerful ways of writing attention-grabbing, persuasive, and compliant Facebook ads to get a steady flow of hot leads and sales for your offers, so you can maximize your ROI always

Craft Systematic & High-Converting Sales Pages

You’ll learn how to craft a high-converting sales page by using the proven persuasion structure and key elements to systematically influence and convert total strangers into buyers… predictably and consistently!

Bonus Million-Dollar Copywriting Case Study (Priceless!)

A detailed analysis of high-converting sales page of a fitness program that brought in over 1,309,573 customers. Discover the powerful persuasion elements you can use in your marketing to win more clients like clockwork.

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Sam gave great, actionable advice to my team and I with regards to the copy of our ads. We’re working on a start-up, and Sam went the extra mile to do some contextual research before our call to make sure that it would be value-adding. He was able to answer all of our questions with clarity, and even shared related resources with us after our call. His knowledge goes far beyond copywriting (into digital marketing and funnel building) which was very helpful. I’d recommend Sam to anyone who’s trying to make more sales, and who wants their sales copy analyzed!

Cepheaus c.

I came in with a beginner’s knowledge in digital marketing and Sam took it upon himself to tailor the course personally to my doubts and areas lacking. Sam handheld me throughout the process of creating Facebook Ads, Funnels, setting up automated emails, and many more. I was also given many valuable templates on top of the session. Sam explained the concepts in a condensed manner that enabled me to better understand them. All in all, it was a really beneficial and valuable course that provided me with actionable takeaways that I look forward to materializing.

Caleb Chia

Learned a lot of new stuff. Clear actionable steps to improve my copy on the platforms I’m running. The best thing is that I can implement the stuff that I have learnt right away, on my website, sales letter, ads and most importantly the sales techniques. Anyone looking for copywriting can try out Sam’s course. Will definitely recommend it to anyone!

Desmond Teng

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